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Kenda American Airless Airfree Inner Tube - Multiple Sizes

Part Number 134
Kenda American Airless Airfree Inner Tube - Multiple Sizes
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6 x 1 1/4 (25-150)
6 x 1-1/4 (37-150)
8 x 1-1/4 (25-200)
8 x 1-3/4 (47-200)
12-1/2 x 2-1/4 (47-203) [+$4.00]
12-1/2 x 2-1/4 (57-203)
14 x 2.125 (57-254)
16 x 1.75 (47-305)
16 x 2.125 (57-305) [+$2.00]
18 x 1.75 (47-355)
18 x 2.125 (57-355) [+$5.00]
20 x 1.75 (47-406)
20 X 2.125 (57-406) [+$10.00]
20 x 1 (25-451)
20 x 1-3/8 (37-451)
22 X 1 (24-501)
22 x 1-3/8 (37-501)
24 x 1.75 (47-507) [+$12.00]
24 x 2.125 (57-507) [+$16.00]
24 x 1 (25-540)
24 x 1-3/8 (37-540)
25 x 1 (25-559)
26 x 1.75 (47-559) [+$12.00]
26 X 2.125 (57-559) [+$16.00]
26 x 1 (25-590)
26 x 1-3/8 (37-590)
650 x 23C (25-571)
700 x 23C (25-622)
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2 $23.70
3+ $20.46
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Solid Airless Foam Urethane Inner Tubes you stuff inside your bicycle or wheelchair tire.

Before you purchase

The manufacturer of this products asks all who purchase to understand that these "Solid Inner Tubes" require a good fit to work. They are also custom made and cannot be returned. Please take care before ordering. Please listen to the audio and watch the slide show before purchasing.

As a service to our customers who purchase these, we offer a No Hassle Return for $8.00. If you choose the No Hassle Return, then if you should for any reason need to return them, we will take them back no questions asked. The fee is per order.

The Kenda Brand insert is very hard and stiff and have been developed for Medical devices. They fit bicycles but the rims needs to be very wide. (At least an inch across). If you need a softer ride, look at the Stop A Flat which uses a softer material.

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Getting the right fit means knowing your "ISO"

Every tire has a set of numbers like "26 x 1.95", but every tire also has another set of numbers in smaller type that looks like "47-559".

A 26 x 1.95 could be a range of sizes, but the actual size is imprinted on every tire in a five digit number known as the ISO number.

If your tire ISO width is less than the ISO width of the Inner Tube do not use

If your tire ISO width is no more than 5mm larger than the ISO width of the Inner Tube then use

If your tire ISO width is larger than 5mm wider than the ISO width of the Inner Tube, do not use
More Information:

Before You Purchase, Read this Please

Installation Notes
Questions and Answers View all Q&A
Q: What is the weight of a 700x23 tube? thanks
Asked by: Larry - 11/20/2013
A: The weight of the American Airless Airless Inner Tube is approximately 600 grams. It is a dense tough urethane meant for high weight loads.
Answer provided by:  Admin (12/1/2013)
Q: I'm wanting to buy tubes for my nephew's bike that won't go flat. His bike uses a 700 X 35-40 27 x 1 3/8 tube. I want to make sure what I order fits correctly. Can you help me pick the correct size? Thanks, LK
Asked by: Lisa K. - 11/28/2013
A: You could use the 700 x 35 tube and they would work well for you, but I would suggest looking at a pair of Laguna Hybrid airless tires as well, please see

this might be a better choice at this time. If the weight load is over 300lbs, then the airless inner tube would be a good idea.

To choose the right size, look at the tire for the numbers instead of the inner tube. The inner tubes suggests a "range" of size, the tire will have the actual size.
Answer provided by:  Admin (12/1/2013)
Q: is the tube solid rubber?I can not tell by the picture
Asked by: judy - 12/2/2013
A: solid urethane, take a look at the picture of the "loops" hanging and you can get a good idea.
Answer provided by:  Admin (12/13/2013)
Q: Is there a tube that will work with a tire (Michelin Pro4 Service Course 23x700) with an ISO of 23-622?
Asked by: zyx - 12/6/2013
A: Sorry, not yet, we have a 700 x 25 tube but it is meant to fit a wider style rim. Your best choice is to get the Daytona Airless tire, it has a good ride and they are fairly inexpensive and easy to install.
Answer provided by:  Admin (12/7/2013)
Q: I have a '96 Marin Monocoque and '96 Trek 7000 SHX with 26" x1.95 rims/tires. Will the the airless tube fit and what will be the equivalent PSI? I want to run my stock tires and just replace the rubber intertube with the foam insert.
Asked by: James C - 12/11/2013
A: Your rims need to be at least 25mm wide on the outside for this to work. The tire has to be able to loop over the airless inner tube. Because this brand is so stiff, there isn't any give, so when trying to hook the tire bead into the rim, the task becomes more difficult. The thinner the insert, the easier it is.
Answer provided by:  Admin (12/13/2013)
Q: I'm about 240 lbs and I use Kenda K-west high pressure tires 26 x 1.5. At 100 lbs these tires feel great and rolling resistance is low. What is the equivalent tire pressure that is simulated by your urethane inner tube inserts? Ultimately I'd like a recommendation on a airless inner tube that simulates high pressure tires for 26" rims. Second question: What tire pressure rating is required for the airless inner tubes? Would a 60psi rating be adequate or do the inner tubes need a more resilient tire.
Asked by: cmarko - 12/29/2013
A: The Kenda American Airless Tire Inner Tubes are hard and stiff and resemble 100 psi. They won't roll as nice as the Kwest because these inserts or airless tire inner tubes were designed initially for medical devices. We approve them for bicycles with caveats. They really shine on wagons, carts and trailers because they will never fail and no one is trying to set speed records. If speed is important, then look at a rubber tire with really thick puncture protection layers like the Schwalbe Marathon Plus or look at a Marvel Airless tire.
Answer provided by:  Admin (12/30/2013)
Q: Can you manufacture an airless tube for a 60 inch diameter rim for me? Thanks Robin
Asked by: RRodgers - 1/7/2014
A: Sorry no, but you could buy a couple and cut them and glue the ends together to make a larger insert. The manufacturer already does that on some sizes. Look at the pictures and you can see the glue marks. Good glue will be stronger than the urethane itself, very safe.
Answer provided by:  Admin (1/20/2014)
Q: i dont have an ISO number on my tire. Is there anywhere else it might be?
Asked by: Diego - 2/6/2014
A: The ISO number is usually found on the tire, but if you can't find it, use our contact form and include all the numbers stamped on the tire and the diameter of your hub or rim and we should be able to suggest the right product.
Answer provided by:  Admin (2/12/2014)
Q: I have a 45-559 tire. Do you have any airless innertube options that will fit it? Thanks
Asked by: Tyler - 2/11/2014
A: Sorry your tire is 2mm larger than the 45-559 insert we have listed. Rubber tires are often very inexpensive and you can use another rubber tire if you like. There aren't very many inserts to choose from as you can see, get the insert and then find a rubber tire fit it is what a lot of people do.
Answer provided by:  Admin (2/12/2014)
Q: Hello. I have mag wheels on my wheelchair and looking at getting the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution 24" (540mm) tire, and I do not want to have to deal with air though. I was wondering in this tube would work in this tire and on that wheel? Thanks. Brandy
Asked by: Brandy - 3/13/2014
A: The Marathon Plus Evolution is a very very thick tire and not likely to go flat. If you use an insert you can use any old tire instead of a real expensive one like the Schwalbe. Don't use both the Schwalbe and Insert together, just get an inexpensive Kenda tire with the insert. make sure the sizes match.
Answer provided by:  Admin (5/12/2014)
No Hassle Returns
No Hassle Returns
Your Price: $8.00
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